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What is the difference between having the Voicemail and Storage setting turned off or on?

LindaBarkerLindaBarker Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
I am new to FreedomPop and I'm still in my first month. I've downgraded everything to the free plan but when looking through my settings, I see that that the Voicemail and Storage setting is on. Will I get charged for that? I asked my boyfriend if he had voicemail and he tapped on the voicemail app to see if it was working. Then he said to me that it's my fault if by using the FreedomPop app it turned something on that he will be charged for. He's currently on the $79 annual plan. Does the $79 annual plan come with voicemail and free plans don't and I should turn mine off or else I will be billed something?

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