How do I use my SM-G900P in Europe?

drkenrichdrkenrich Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
I have a Samsung Galaxy SM-G900P that I VERY rarely use (4 or 5 calls a year). That's why I'm with FP. When I travel a few weeks each summer I mostly use the GPS with maps.

This summer I'm going to the UK and France for 3 weeks and want to use the GPS most of all. Other data and a few calls would be nice, but GPS is most important.

The phone has a Sprint SIM card plus a regular micro memory card (two different sizes). I know this is CDMA in the US.

I downloaded instructions for "Using Samsung Galaxy SM-G900P Internationally". It says to call Sprint to do a UICC unlock for the device.

Has anyone tried this process?
Has anyone gotten this phone to work in Europe?
Is there some unique and extra problem that has to be handled through FP?
If I do this, will I lose my FP account for when I return?


  • michael  thomasmichael thomas Posts: 69FreedomPop Newbie
    Sprint will not do the unlock unless your are their retail customer. You are a freedompop retail customer. When I tried to get freedompop to tell Sprint to "unlock" my device; freedompop interpreted my request to mean dissasociate the phone from freedompop so it could be directly activated on sprint network. I got that reversed; and bought a different unlocked phone to use in Europe with the Global Sim freedompop used to sell. It has been working well in most of EU for several years for me. Do not upgrade to the new LTE SIM if you want Europe use.
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