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gharggharg FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 4
Had my phone over 2 years. System has updated itself countless times. Recently did a reset because something was draining the battery and causing the phone to heat up. The reset fixed the problem, but now the system update fails even after numerous attempts. Updated PRL, Profile, cleared cache etc. Contacted FP support, they tell me not to update the system. REALLY? Why did it update before? Have been going back and forth with them for over a month. They "escalated" my problem. Got the same copy/paste answer from the 2nd rep. I'm not buying it. There has to be a fix for this. They won't even explain why it updated before on it's own, with the TEAMWIN software they put on the phone.

Can anybody help?


  • trackballtrackball FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 1,585 ✭✭✭✭✭
    i get it on my s3, too, 'failed, try again'.
    there were a couple post about droids not updating, try a search.
    even though you did a f-reset, i think it was droid firmware, so the old updates weren't deleted.
  • Jeffrey BurgerJeffrey Burger FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018 #3
    What do you mean by system update fails?

    As noted by trackball a factory reset does not reset the phone back to what it was running when new. An update to the android version replaces the original ROM, so a factory reset would reinstall the updated android version from the updated ROM. For example phone comes with android 6.0 and then a system update puts it on android 7.0, if you then do a factory reset it will reinstall 7.0.

    Is the S4 a phone you bought from freedompop? I did not think they issued updates? I have had a Moto E2 from freedompop for over 8 months and there has never been a system update, AFAIK. In the about phone section of settings it says it is running android 5.1, patch level 2016-02-01 and Kernal version is dated Feb 5, 2016. So I think that means no updates to the OS since more than 2 years ago and it was 18 months out of date at the time I bought it.
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