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I have a micro SIM but I need a nano SIM, can I get a free replacement?

ruksana patelruksana patel Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
Have a new phone and want a nano SIM.


  • kerstuffkerstuff Posts: 664FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    No you must purchase another one.
  • limeylimey Posts: 674FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    @ruksana patel - if you look closely at the side of the micro SIM without contacts, you may find that it has been pre-scored with the nano sized shape - if so, you should be able to carefully push it out from the slightly larger micro body.

    Once done, though - you won't be able to use the SIM in devices needing micro size, without using an adapter.
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