Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck in FreedomPop Config after factory reset

My Samsung Galaxy S2 came with FreedomPop custom ROM and has been in service without issues since it was purchased directly from FreedomPop in 2014. I recently had to factory reset it due to forgotten screen lock PIN.

The phone automatically runs FreedomPop Config app when it is powered up. After entering the account email, it fails to activate the phone: "FreedomPop Account Error. The server encountered an error while processing your request. Please try again later. If you contiue to have trouble, please call (888) 915-2647". The same error occurs with either WiFi or mobile data connection.

I submitted a FreedomPop support ticket [Incident: 180126-000583]. Online Service Agent Kevin D. was courteous but has been unable to resolve the issue. Since the phone is out of FreedomPop 90-day warranty period, he is not empowered to offer a replacement.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions to resolve the account activation issue or at least bypass the FreedomPop Config app so that I can try to update the FreedomPop Messenger app from Google Play Store.

Since this phone came with pre-installed FreedomPop custom ROM, I feel that FreedomPop should help resolve the issue one way or the other. What do you think?
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