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Hello! Once you have order your LTE SIM card from your Global SIM card account the $4.99 fee should not be applied while you wait to receive your order. The automatic top up feature will remain disabled and you will keep your current plan (200MB free plan).

@MariaM_ - Well, the first account I ordered the LTE upgrade for, later cycled & I was still charged the $4.99 monthly fee. Can I get that refunded, thanks?

As for the second account I tried, despite accepting my payment method & showing the 1c authorization - the website continually produced an error when I attempted to order the upgrade for that one. It eventually produced a billing error when it cycled, so I reentered the billing method again & it said it was successful and shows that it initiated the $4.99 monthly fee that I was consequently unable to avoid due to website not allowing the upgrade order to go through. However, it still errors when I try to order the LTE upgrade...



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