I received my new phone, but the charging port is broken

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I was planning on upgrading from my current LG Tribute 2 to a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I recvd my refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5, but the charging port is broken. I tried the cable and plug that you gave me with the phone, but it would not charge at all.

I tried them on my wife's old Samsung S5 and they work fine. I tried my wife's plug and it started charging but extremely slow, it took 5 hours and only to 80% and after that it kept going from plugged in charging to not charging to charging again and so on. i tried swapping batteries and all was fine on wife's S5 but not the S5 that I recvd. I did get it to charge to 100% on my wife's S5. Therefore i know that the charging port is broken on the S5 I recvd. It would not even connect to my pc.

I would like to return it for another S5.

I already filed an incident report on 3/11/18, but I have not recvd a response yet.

Charging port broken [Incident: 180311-000178]

Charging port broken
Question Reference # 180311-000178

Date Created: 03/11/2018 07:05 AM
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