Why I was charged a monthly fee when I turned off the top-up and never exceed the 500 mb or have not

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That may be a mistake or something more sinister?


  • @Jianlong Sun‌ The $9.99 fee is for FreedomPop Premier, which I see you have turned off as of today. This was part of your free 30-day trial in March, but since you did not downgrade yourself to the free plan the system automatically kept you on the paid plan.
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    K-Ber: thank you for finally answer my call and email. I think Freedompop is less than honest on this: first I was not warned of difference between a plan and a service, i.e. if I only need 500 mb a month, why I even need the premiere service; second, when I authorized payment of initial fee of $9.99, I did not authorize any other payments, if any; and third, if you want people to select to terminate any service they don't need, why put the degrade html in a lighter and ignored place which is barely noticeable. So I would demand Freedompop correct its mistakes. This is obviously a deliberate act on your part, I would not say it is trickery. You can look at my usage. I only used part of the 500 mb in March, and did not use any in the four months following that.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Jianlong Sun
  • Jianlong,
    As I explained, the Premier came with your 30 day trial when you bought the device. Since you did not downgrade yourself, FreedomPop Premier became part of your plan. We apologize if this was not clear to you. All of this information was available upon checkout, as well as in our Terms and Conditions. We are refunding the most recent charge of $9.99 to your account, please wait 3-5 days for this amount to be reflected in your bank statement. Thank you.
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