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Joel JohnstonJoel Johnston Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
I got an unlocked AT&T 340U AirCard. I wanted to activate it on Freedompop. I got an error when trying to add service. Support told me that it needed to be a locked sprint device. So I bought a Netgear 341U modem locked to sprint. No neither of these devices have a SIM card. So what do I do. I ordered an LTE data only sim card from Freedompop, hopefully it ships soon, but if that will work, I'm not sure which device to put it in, the sprint or the AT&T one, and where I go from here...?


  • Dennis BourniqueDennis Bournique Posts: 139FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    The FreedomPop LTE SIM should work in the AT&T device. The Sprint device should have come with a SIM. Sprint SIMs are reusable and are supposed to stay with the device when its re-sold. AFAIK, FreedomPop doesn't sell Sprint SIMs.
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    @Joel Johnston
    The Sprint SIM is required for the 341U hotspot to connect to sprint's LTE network, since LTE is in the family of GSM wireless technology and GSM wireless tech requires a SIM.
    You can get a Sprint SIM for the 341U from a Sprint store, and here's the chart showing which Sprint SIM part number you need for the 341U, two different SIM part numbers will work in the 341U (SIMGLW226R and SIMGLT207R) :
  • Joel JohnstonJoel Johnston Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    OH, OK, so I can get the TING SIM card and put it in my sprint device, then then just enter my MEID info into the freedompop site and bobs your uncle I'm online?
  • Joel JohnstonJoel Johnston Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    will this one work? Its from amazon, and I get free shipping...
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    will this one work? . . . . . SIMGLW206R

    That does not match the numbers mentioned by Chris Coleman. The 207R one should be findable.

    Try this:
    +++++++++++++Best Buy info
    LTE SIMs aren't available at all Best Buys. Sprint SIMs are NOT displayed on the shelves with the other SIMs, they're locked away at the mobile service desk

    NOTE: DO NOT go to the Mobile section at the beginning(the mobile staff won't help or not willing to help!), go to the customer service, ask them to check if the item in stock, if yes, ask them to print out the slip as proof, then go to the mobile section. If they tell you not found, just say the customer service has checked it many in stock, ask for double check with PLEASE.
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