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I am a little confused as to what Freedompop means by releasing a device as they claim that it's not a UUIC unlock. Does releasing it kick it off of my account or can I still use the device on my Freedompop if I choose?


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    @Bryan Cavitt,
    release - means the phone / device can be use with other MVNOs (Multi Vendor Network Operator) Like FreedomPop is. These would be other companies that use a Sprint locked device to connect to the Sprint network to access that company.

    unlock - unlocks the requirement that the phone be exclusively used on the Sprint network. Can be any network of your choosing that your phone is capable of supporting. Newest phones support 4-5 networks. Less new ones might do 2 networks. Many Sprint phones sold 3 or more years ago were only usable on Sprint. Unlocking them is superfluous. Only Sprint can do an unlock. Finding hen's teeth is easier than getting a Sprint phone unlocked.
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