Problem with service purchased via Gilt City

hud1976hud1976 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Question: If I deactivate my account online, will I be assured that FreedomPop will not charge my credit card account in the future?

Situation: Last month I purchased a 3-month 10GB/month data plan with FreedomPop through Gilt City. Everything was working out just fine until exactly one month after my plan started. At that point I found out that my account inexplicably became inactive. I contacted tech support to fix the issue. The tech person re-synced my device with my account. This seemed to solve the problem... for 1 hour. Each time I contacted tech support, they would do a re-sync but then my account would go inactive after a short time. Finally, last Friday a tech person sent my problem to the escalation department and promised that I would get an email within 24-48 hours. I have not received any emails.

This is very frustrating. I am thinking about deactivating my account if the problem doesn't get permanently resolved within a few days.


  • Miguel S.Miguel S. Posts: 364FP Flyer admin
    I do see your issue was escalated to our development team, we're sorry for the delay and expect to have this resolved shortly. You won't receive any charges if you downgrade your account and remove all services, just be sure you don't go over your data allotment. You can then upgrade once our development team has taken care of your account. Keep a lookout for an update via email in regards to your issue.
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