smart phone newb can't use my tracfone

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Please someone help me. I ordered a SIM from FP (**** that up, wound up with 2 paypal charges) then I downloaded the FP app onto my Tracfone. No SIM yet but I can't make a call now. Can't locate the FP app to delete either. If I'd known it was going to be this big a headache I would have just bought more Tracfone data. HELP


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    You have to get TracFone to release the phone first. If you were using Verizon on TF you're probably out of luck if the phone is several years old. If it is cdma you will have to purchase a Sprint sim. Easiest place to get one is at Best Buy.
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    This is the app, I am assuming you installed:

    It is called "messaging" on your phone and should be listed among all your other apps, perhaps you were looking for FreedomPop instead of messaging?

    Since you do not have the SIM yet, I assume that what you want to do is uninstall the FP app, at least for now. One of the many ways to uninstall is go to settings on your phone, then go to apps, find "messaging" in the list of apps When you tap on messaging you can uninstall it.

    You can also uninstall by going to google play store. Yet another way is touching and holding app until the uninstall option appears and then drag it to that.
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