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Can i connect a HP eprint capable printer to freedompop? I know it cannot connect to a 3g or 4g, it has to be a wifi or Ethernet connection but i dont know any more details further from that. Are the wifi capable options like mifi just the same as a home (normal) wifi? I am completely lost and any guidance or tips would be a huge help.

My plan is to buy my mom a printer that does NOT require any set up or a computer. With an HP eprint printer i can just send the printer an email and it will print it out without being connected to a computer. However it does need internet ,and all the instructions say is wifi or Ethernet. there are so may different style connections that my concern is i will get a wifi kit from freedompop but it is not the right type of wifi,...if that even exists. I appreciate any help or tips. As you my imagine my mom is very much older and does not need internet nor will ever need it, other then for this printer i want to set up for her. Also, i cant just set it all up for her with a laptop because i am constantly out of the country so i really need the assembly of this printer set up to be like a simple lego kit....or plug and play style installment. Thanks


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    @Martinlujan , that should work for you. A hot spot is just a cellular connection to get 'data' or 'internet' access and associated with that is a WiFi access point. Usually up to 8 devices can connect.
    The ePrint printer is likely a computer itself. With one custom app. It checks for email on an account you told it about and the password. (so there is a bit of setup even for that ) If it finds an email, it downloads it and prints it. So you'd need a new email account created just for sending emails to be printed. I suspect that this ePrint device is easier than most printers to get going what it was designed to do.
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