One new phone, two numbers showing on account...

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Received my phone today and followed directions carefully (obviously not enough). The online system had me choose a different number from the one I choose last week. Now there are two phones showing on my account page. I can't merge them. I'd like to keep the -7677 number, as it seems to be semi-working on this phone. Then the -7757 can be eliminated from my account.

I approved a 99c activation fee, and $10 fee that probably shouldn't have been charged, since my initial payment (with the phone) was supposed to include activation. I’d like that refunded, as well as a 5.99 phone protection fee I had unchecked but was charged for. I hope I can get they 16.98 back. I’m happt to use it as the balance “just in case”. The first, unused, number has the expensive trial on it, which I can’t eliminate unless I agree for another $15 charge... I was really hoping that by reading all the instructions in advance that this activation would go smoothly.

Although the messaging app will text on wifi, there is an error pop up that says "service inactive due to an unforeseen technical issue."

Now the online support ticket says 4-5 day turnaround. Can anyone assist with this?

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