Franklin U770 USB modems - one good, one bad...

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These devices are a little odd - when connected to a USB port on a Windows 7 computer, Windows will beep as they're detected, then beep as they momentarily disconnect, then beep once more as they connect again (something to do with the NDIS setup). Usually, one of the network activity lights will then come on, depending on whether they connect to 3G or LTE.

I use a pair of these - recently, one has taken to only connecting to 3G (which isn't a real issue, as it still works fine), but the other that used to always connect reliably to LTE, has stopped connecting at all.

The latter device appears to be recognized at a hardware level, showing in device manager as Franklin 700 USB Composite Device, with Franklin Remote NDIS Adaptor under that, but spends a long time showing as Identifying Network under Windows Network & Sharing Center, before eventually showing as an Unidentified network with no internet access. The usual web config page at or sprinthotspot does not respond.

If ipconfig /a is run from a command window, that network adaptor reports no IP address for the Default Gateway, or DNS Server - on the working device, the IP address shown is that of the USB modem itself, so it appears to be failing to set these.

The account appears to be OK, apart from sometimes showing as inactive due to lack of activity (since that USB modem isn't currently connecting). Reactivating is reported as successful, but appears to go inactive again after a day or so.

Is this an account issue, or some kind of oddball hardware/config problem?


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    The more I look at this, the more it appears to be an account-side issue - the account goes inactive daily & has also lost all it's Friends data allocation (the friends are still listed). There are no warnings/errors when you login to the account & everything otherwise appears to be in order (apart from the device not getting an IP/data).

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    Hope it will get resolved soon.
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