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Joel JohnstonJoel Johnston Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
I feel like I've been round and circles. I got an AT&T unlocked AirCard 340U because was told that would work on freedompop. It came and wouldn't work. I was told AT&T unlocked devices would not work, and I actually need a sprint locked device for it to work. So I bought a sprint 341U, and it came and didn't work. So I was then told I need to buy an AT&T unlocked device, then get a freedompop SIM card. So, I bought a freedompop SIM card and put it in my existing unlocked 340U card. The device says AT&T ready to connect, but my computer won't connect.

Do I need software of some sort to dial in?
Will my freedompop SIM data only card work in the sprint device I got (that device is friendlier with my laptop)
How do I stop going in circles, and actually get online? lol


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    @Joel Johnston It's probably your APN Settings. For your 340U, you should change it to

    Change that and you should get online. Also you can probably activate your 341U at if you have the proper Sprint SIM.
  • Joel JohnstonJoel Johnston Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    I may run to the sprint store tonight and see if I can buy a sim... my laptop won't even see the AT&T modem, so I can't change any settings. is there a freedompop program I need to dial out, or how does one use the device? when you get AT&T service you get a program that connects for you, but you don't seem to get anything with freedompop. its sad that I've been trying to get service for about a month now with no luck.
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    @Joel Johnston the 340U is set to connect to the AT&T network. I think you mentioned purchasing a FreedomPop SIM in another thread. You would need to access the admin of the device. Connect first then browse to or Try admin for admin password if prompted. Also try password. Maybe administrator.
    Better yet I found this on setting your 340U 's APN

    The 341U is locked to Sprint and needs a Sprint SIM to work with FreedomPop. Sprint part numbers posted in another thread. Would need to activate via The activation fee may not be a welcoming way to start ($20)
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