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The wireless signal is good but download speed is only 215Kb/second

Vishal PhoneVishal Phone Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
The download speed of my home burst modem is 215Kb per second. I see 4 white dots on modem ( 4 point bar ) which means good signal. I tried external antenna also. Is this speed normal ? or i can expect any better then this.


  • JAY SANCHEZJAY SANCHEZ Posts: 410FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    edited July 2014 #2
    Public file sites usually throttle download speeds for regular (i.e., non-paying) customers. That would explain your slow download speed, and it has absolutely nothing to do with FP.

    For more realistic tests, try with Ookla's excellent Speedtest website. Hope this helps!
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