Question about Freedompop Galaxy phones and voice / data usage

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Regarding the Galaxy phones provided by Freedompop (in my case the S3 which will be coming):

1) On the Unlimited Everything plan, after using up 1GB of 4G LTE, the data will drop to 3G for the rest of the plan's month. At that point will the voice calls still be able to use the 4G LTE network for the rest of the month? Or is voice degraged to 3G as well.

2) Is it possible make a voice call and use data on the phone at the same time?

3) Is it possible to make a voice call at the same time as tethering/hotspot with these phones?


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    1. Once data goes 3G, Voice will also go to 3G. Sorry.

    2. It is possible to do simultaneous Voice and Data, however the Voice quality might be lower

    3. Yes it is. If your tethering does not work, then root your phone and install TrevEMod from Google Play. If you do not want to root, then install ClockWorkMod tether which is from Google Play also.
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