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No sound through your EVO? Partial Solutions!

For those of you who are having a problem, like me, with no sound coming through your EVO earpiece when in a call, here are a couple partial solutions:

1. Plug in and use a headset/headphones. Credit goes to @Don Jurkowitz for discovering this!

2. If you are also experiencing problems with the speakerphone, @3Simplex figured this out:

"Open FP-Messaging app (The blue one with a chat bubble)
Press the menu button (Hardware button with the word menu on it)
Press the grey settings button (Software button above the hardware buttons)
Press the menu button again. (Hardware button)
Press Expert mode (Software button, If it already says Normal mode skip this)
Enter the Media menu
Enter Audio troubleshooting (At the bottom)
Uncheck "Use routing API"
Uncheck "Use Mode audio API"
Please test your mute mic button to see if it works while speaker is active before and after you use this method. I wonder if this causes the mute mic to cease functioning during speaker operation."

These options are not necessarily going to help those who are experiencing additional problem like outgoing sound issues and inability to send/receive texts--those are likely a result of different glitches--although it probably wouldn't hurt to try them anyway. These are definitely feasible solutions for those who are only having trouble with incoming sound, until the FP team figures out why our earpieces aren't functioning.

My personal eternal gratitude to both of these incredibly helpful users for sharing their solutions! I am only making this post to help ensure that the answers they gave are readily visible to people searching for answers to this problem--they deserve any and all appreciation for the fixes!



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