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Can you not bring your own S7 with the BYOD? I got one and it wont activate, and the business I bought it from checked their whole inventory of S7's and they all wont pass the the BYOD checker.


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    The story I hear now is that Sprint will only accept phones locked to Sprint in good standing.
    Unlocked phones (even if they fully support the Sprint network), by the above excuse appears to not be acceptable.

    Since the phone is unlocked S7, just get a FreedomPop SIM and forget the Sprint network. The SIMs use the AT&T network. I believe the S7 supports all five of the networks in USA. It's just a matter of setting the network mode correctly to get the right radio bands active for the network you want to use.
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    So, someone wants to give me an S7 that is on the AT&T network. They claim they can call AT&T and have the phone unlocked. Is that typical? If that works, will I be able to BYOD that phone to FreedomPop? Do I need to buy a Freedompop Sim? Do they sell the Sims at Target?
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