SIM phone unlock question - for iphones on Freedompop

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Unlocked iphones (6S and higher) are worth about $100 more than a SIM locked versions because they work on virtually any carrier's network. For this reason, some customers want their phones to be unlocked from the Sprint Network before selling or replacing their phone.


If someone brings a used BYOD Sprint-locked iPhone to Freedompop, can/will Freedompop customer service unlock the phone at the request of the owner, once it has been registered (on Sprint Network) for a year? The reason I'm asking is because Sprint Customer Service will NOT unlock Sprint phones for Freedompop MVNO customers that are using the Sprint Network. Sprint will only unlock phones for those who have a Sprint (non-MVNO) account, which this community does not have.

Does the same thing apply to phones bought from Freedompop?

Here is what the FCC's Prepaid Unlocking Policy states:

Carriers, upon request, will unlock mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment, or usage requirements.

Thanks for any insight.


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    This must be some basic stuff but I'm unable to figure it out.
    I've restarted my iPhone, inserted my security code and then when the numpad appeared to insert my SIM pin code, I pressed the home button and now I can't trigger that numpad again to insert my pin code.
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    @batmanandjoker , See link for how to test for iPhone being locked or not.
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