2GB Plan with New 803S

Louis DiMeglioLouis DiMeglio Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I just received my FP 803S today and activated it today with no issues (yeah)! The free plan that it activated with for the first month is the "Discount 2GB 3G/4G" plan at $16.66 per month billed quarterly. I am assuming that although this is the plan that it activated on, I only get one month of service and not a full quarter. Meaning, that after the 30 days, if I don't downgrade, I'll be billed the $49.98 for the quarter. Is that correct?

Second, and this is just feedback.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider allowing service on both the Wimax and LTE 4G side of this device. I split my time between an area with only LTE and another spot with only Wimax and it would be great not to have to fall back to 3G when I'm in the Wimax area. The radio fires up, it connects to the Wimax network no issue, but obviously the account isn't provisioned there. :( When this device is a native Sprint device is works on LTE/Wimax/CDMA...

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