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I keep getting redirected to get account update now screen with a green button and when I push it it wont let me do anything I get an error page.Therefore I can not use my mobile hotspot how do I fix this problem


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    @Janeth Escalante
    Sounds like an account suspension. The browser is being 'hijacked' to one site always: where the Green buttons do not work.
    There are a multitude of causes to be suspended.
    I can have you check and verify some and there are different responses to them.

    Login online to

    At top to left of your Login ID is a BELL. Click the BELL to see your notifications. Read all until the date you knew it was working. Are there any notifications that might draw a suspension ? What does it say ?

    Check the data amount left: "nnn MBs data left"
    Click the 3 lines in a square in upper left to access the menu. Chose "Billing".

    These may not apply to your account as you just cycled.
    If > 100MBs we can check on billing.
    If < 100 MBs and automatic top-up is off, then account was suspended to help you avoid having pay-as-your-go charges. Easy response is to wait for 'month' to cycle. See the days left bar at top. Or click "usage details" then you see for example:07 Nov 2016 - 07 Dec 2016. You cycle on the 7th of the month in this example.
    If automatic top-up is ON (the setting when account started) then all should be OK. So must be a billing issue.

    You can go to menu->Billing to see charges to your credit card. Click a transaction number for more detail about that charge.
    If you should see RED stripe across the whole web page, there may be more clue in center if error is displayed.

    - - - - Here are some reasons for billing error suspensions - -
    Review the expiration date of your credit card. It must be in future or account suspends..

    For checking billing issues, log into your credit card account and check credit limit how close is it. Is there room for the expected charges ?

    All these and more make the billing error.

    To re-enter corrections, go to Menu ->Settings-->Billing and click edit for first section the credit card info. Fix expiration. Or the Credit card number changed, my bank sends another when a fraud charge is detected. Then I have to update all the places that have that card.

    This is most of what a user can fix themselves. The rest needs FreedomPop to be involved to fix up. This is where and admin here can jump in and fix what a customer cannot.
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