Newbie with BYOD,

jusmeherejusmehere Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
First I want to say I am excited to try this out! But your website needs improvement. Navigation is poor. It took 4 days before I was approved for this forum. That is ok but I wish you could put that in your sign up info so I don't waste time wondering why I cannot post or join discussions when I think I am all signed in and I can read the discussions. Meanwhile I just went to face book page for freedompop and private messaged after a day someone very nice and helpful began helping me and answering my questions, he told me it may take a few days to get approved for the forums. So I am glad he told me that and I checked back! Also this is my first post, it says 'ValidateLength' in red. But no rules about length. Is it too long? Took off some of my comment. Trying again....
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