Franklin R850 Hotspot "INSERT SIM" error

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Hi FreedomPop!

I recently purchased a Franklin Wireless R850 Hotspot from Freedompop. I carefully set up the device as instructed, and the device worked and I had Internet access for a while.

The problem is that after about 5 minutes of usage, the device disconnects from the Internet and displays error "INSERT SIM".

Because the device believes it does not have a SIM card, I have no internet access during these errors.

I can briefly re-gain internet access by resetting the device, but within 5 minutes the "INSERT SIM" error appears again and I lose Internet access again. I can't keep resetting the device every 5 minutes.

It looks like I'm not the only person with this problem with the Franklin R850 Hotspot, since another user posted this same problem, here:

I have taken certain steps to try to troubleshoot this problem, including removing and re-seating the SIM card and logging into my account to ensure the device is active, billing information is correct, and that I have plenty of data left.
Everything checks out fine, but the 'INSERT SIM' error keeps recurring.

Can you please help? Do I have a defective device or SIM card?


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    I was able to resolve the problem on my own. I am going to leave my solution, in case others receive a similar error (INSERT SIM) on their Franklin Wireless R850 hotspot:

    1. Pry off the back cover of the device (you'll notice a handy notch to insert your fingernail) and WITH THE DEVICE POWERED ON, press the small black RESET button. Hopefully, when the device reboots, you'll have an LTE signal. You'll have about 5 minutes to complete the rest of the steps before you lose that signal, so work efficiently!

    2. Using your laptop or phone, connect to the device via WiFi (i.e., connect to the device's WiFi signal, such as FreedomPop_123456). You'll need your WiFi password.

    3. In your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) address bar, type: http://myhotspot (no ".com" and no "www"). Login to the device with your Admin password.

    4. In the window that opens, click the "Settings" icon in the Toolbar at the top.

    5. Then, in the Menu that appears on the left, click DEVICE --> SOFTWARE UPDATE. Click the Radio Button for UPDATE DATA PROFILE, and then confirm by clicking the UPDATE button. After a couple of minutes, you should have a successful confirmation. Then click the Radio Button for UPDATE PRL and then click the UPDATE button.
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