Galaxy S4 android 5.0 L update

YogiYogi Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
If I buy a galaxy s4 from freedompop, will it get updated to android 5.0 when it comes out for other sprint s4's?


  • @Yogi‌ Yes, if you bought an S4 from us it would get updated to Android 5.0 when it comes out for Sprint S4's.
  • YogiYogi Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you.
  • tammytam7777tammytam7777 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I just bought a freedompop samsung s4 from freedompop. I see the update to 5.0 from samsung. Should I update it? I am afraid to flash over the freedompop rom.
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