What to do if I cannot login to support.freedompop.com to open a ticket?

M TsugawaM Tsugawa Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
Given that no one could help me getting access to support.freedompop.com (I did post questions to Account Help), trying to get something here. This is not about getting access to support.freedompop.com - this is a lost cause (I do not want to go through details, as there is another thread for this).

On 04/15/18 - 04/16/18, Freedom Pop experienced a glitch/problem/bug/"feature"? that wrongly charged hundreds of MB or even GB of data, which affected most of LTE sim kit users. I was one of the unfortunate users hit by it. Talking to other Freedom Pop users, it is possible to get back the data that Freedom Pop has stolen, and with a painful process get credits back. Unfortunately, I cannot login to support.freedompop.com to open a ticket. Without going to details, I can access my.freedompop.com without problems - and yes, I ruled out problems on browser, cache, operating system, etc.

Given that Freedom Pop is aware of the problem (unless they consider this a feature to wrongly get more money), I have a hard time understanding why Freedom Pop cannot restore data and refund the affected accounts without users going through this painful support ticket process. In my opinion, this is a very bad business practice.

Now, the main question: if a user cannot access support.freedompop.com, how is it possible to get data/credit back of wrongly charged data?


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