Are there catches to being on the free data plan for a moble hotspot?

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I was wondering if there's anything I need to watch out for on the free plan. Since they don't make any money from me on the free plan do they try to find a loop hole to shut my acct down make me lose data? Examples might be falsely claiming there was no MB usage activity for 60 days or cutting service claiming the device i'm using is now obsolete forcing me to buy a new device? I ask because another provider named internet on the go pulled this stunt on me 3 times.


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    Don't have hotspot, but have had no issues with the free service on phones. We have 3 phones using FreedomPop for 10, 8, and 3 months of service at $0 per month.

    We do have $20 in account credits on the 3 phones, which has to be reactivated every 30-90 days, so we do not lose it. I also spent $30 to buy a FP phone, $0.99 for one SIM, an $0.01 for another SIM.

    Of course, FP can decide at any time that they are no longer going to offer free service or change the terms on the free plans, just as any other no-contract phone service can change their charges or plans.
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    thanks Jeff
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