Odd behavior with Dual FP SIMs

Glenn LindermanGlenn Linderman Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
So I put two FP SIMs in a blü Dash L2.
First I put one in, downloaded the software, activated it, tested it. Voice works sometimes, garbled sometimes.
Then I put the second one in. The software didn't _seem_ to recognize it. I used the phone settings to turn the first SIM off, and rebooted the phone, and the software now works.

The odd behavior, is that although it is using SIM2, and data transfer is accumulating to SIM2, the messages out are being counted against SIM1, and that is the number seen on the receiving phone, and SIM1's number rings the phone (even though it is disabled), and minutes count in the SIM1 account.

Unless you specifically want to use both numbers for different purposes, this isn't a terrible behavior... use SIM1 for its data limit, then turn it off, and use SIM2 for its data limit.

It would be nicer, though, if both phone numbers could be active, based on selecting a particular primary SIM for particular calls.


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