To Use SPRINT CDMA & SPRINT LTE What SIM Needed For Unlocked HotSpot ZTE Unite III MF975U/MF975S

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in below list, what exact SPRINT SIM (PART NUMBER) needed for ACTIVATING the byod HOTSPOT (aka: Cellular/Mobile/Wireless Modem/Router, etc) like these (especially the MF975U & MF975S) ) with FreedomPop (MVNO of Sprint), so that it can use SPRINT LTE/4G and SPRINT CDMA/3G network ?

if you are using one of these, then please let us know last (version)-numbers in your SIM card, (not the last numbers of SIM-ICC-ID code), or let us know the PART-NUMBER of your Sprint/other SIM.

when 1 of the below hotspot/modem/router supports CDMA (3G/CDMA-2000), then 1st PRIORITY is to use the SPRINT CDMA/3G AND SPRINT LTE/4G network (with SPRINT LTE/4G-SIM), (if 1st priority fails) then, 2nd/lower/next priority is to use the AT&T LTE/4G/HSPA+/UMTS/3G/GSM/2G network (with FP LTE/4G-SIM).

* ZTE MF64 Z64 : LTE Cat: 3 | supports 3G/UMTS HSPA 850/AWS/1900 | 3G/HSDPA: 850/1900 | 2G/GSM EDGE: 850/1900 | GSM: 850/1900.
* ZTE MF96 TMobile Sonic 2.0 : LTE Cat: 3 | supports 4G/LTE: B4/AWS,1900 | 3G/HSPA+: B4/AWS,1900 | GSM: 850/1900.
* ZTE Falcon Z-917 : LTE Cat: 4 | supports 4G/LTE: 700/1700/1900 | 3G/UMTS: 850/1700/1900/2100.
* ZTE Velocity MF923 : LTE Cat: 4 | supports 4G/LTE bands 2/4/5/17/29 | 3G UMTS 850/1900/2100 | GSM 850/1900/2100 | 2800mAh, 10 hours working-time.
* ZTE Unite III MF975 / MF975S : LTE Cat: 6 | supports 4G/LTE bands B25(1900), B26(800) | 4G/TD-LTE B41(2500) | 3G/CDMA: BC1(1900) | 2700mAh.
* ZTE Unite III MF975U : LTE Cat: 4 | supports 4G/LTE bands 2/4/5/12/13 | 3G/CDMA: BC0(800), BC1(1900) | 2700mAh, 10 hours working time, 10 days standby time.
* ZTE Ufi MF970 : LTE Cat: 6 | supports 4G/LTE bands 1/2/3/4/7/8/20/28/12&17 | 4G/LTE-TDD: B38 (40) | 3G UMTS/DC-HSPA+ 1/2/5/8 | GSM: 850/900/1800/1900.

the ZTE MF975S is sold by Sprint as: Sprint Pocket Wi-Fi 306ZT.

btw, here is a list of various type of SIM(s) shown with their PART-NUMBER(s) :

@Chris Coleman suggested here to use CDMA SIM with part-number: SIMGLW226R or SIMGLT207R for the Netgear 341U Mobile Modem. By the way, 341U spec: 4G/LTE B20(800), B25(1900), B41(2500). CDMA BC1/(1900), BC0/(800)+BC10/(800).

So can someone (who is sure about it and) confirm that one/both type of (mentioned-in-above) SIM will work with ZTE MF975/MF975S or MF975U hotspot ? ( my guess would be: the SIMGLT207R will work with both & better )

Which other LOWEST-COST 4G/3G HotSpot (Cellular/Mobile router/modem) can give better (data download/upload) bandwidth and work for longer time ?

Thanks in advance.
-- Emde.

if hotspot/router/modem is "Locked" with a specific Wireless/Mobile network company/service provider, then after it is "Unlocked", it can be used with any other compatible Mobile network company for the compatible band/frequency which are supported by the hotspot/router/modem.

when 1 of the above hotspot/modem does not support CDMA (CDMA-2000 or CDMA-1), then FreedomPop(FP) 4G/LTE SIM will work in it when its "Unlocked" from Non-AT&T network. ( Non-AT&T networks are: T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, US-Cellular, etc ... which are not "AT&T" or not a MVNO of AT&T ). if it is already "Locked" under AT&T, then no-need to unlock it (for using with FP, as FP is a MVNO under AT&T).

when 1 of the above hotspot/modem is already "Locked" with Sprint, and if you want to use Sprint CDMA or Sprint 4G/LTE network (via FreedomPop), then do not unlock.

unless "TDD" or "TD" is specified after/before the "LTE", by-default only "LTE" (usually) means "LTE-FDD" in USA.

BAND info [ band-number/name / MHz(frequency) ] :
4G/LTE : B1/IMT/2100, B2/PCS/1900, B3/DCS/1800, B4/AWS/1700up+2100dn, B5/CLR/850, B7/IMT-E/2600, B8/EGSM/900, B10/E-AWS/1700, B11/L-PDC/1500, B12/L-SMH-(A/B/C)/L700, B13/U-SMH-C/700, B14/U-SMH-D/700, B17/L-SMH-(B/C)/L700, B20/EU-DD/800, B21/U-PDC/1500, B22/3500, B24/L-BAND/1600, B25/E-PCS-(A..G)/1900, B26/E-CLR/850, B27/SMR/800, B28/APT/700, B29/L-SMH-(D/E)/L700, B30/WCS-(A/B)/2300, B32/L-Band-EU/1500, B38/TDD-IMT-E/2600, B40/TDD-2300/2300, B41/2500, B66/2100, B65/E-IMT/2100, B66/E-AWS-(A..J)/1700, B68/ME700/700, B69/IMT-E/2600, B70/AWS-4/2000, B71/US-DD/600, B74/US-L-Band/1500.
3G/UMTS : HSPA+(3G-Data), HSPA/WCDMA(HSUPA, HSDPA) : B1/IMT/2100, B2/PCS/1900, B3/DCS/1800, B4/AWS/1700up+2100dn, B5/CLR/850, B6/800, B7/IMT-E/2600, B8/EGSM/900, B9/1700, B10/EAWS/1700, B11/LPDC/1500, B12/LSMH-(A/B/C)/700, B13/USMH-C/700, B14/USMH-D/700.
CDMA (3G) / CDMA2000 : IS-2000 / C2K / IMT-MC / SVDO / Voice (C2K 1xAdv(Rev. E), C2K 1xRTT) / Data (C2K 1xEV-DO: UMB, Rev. B, Rev. A, Rel. 0) : BC0/800, BC1/PCS/1900, BC2/TACS/900, BC2/JTACS/850, BC6/2000, BC7/700U/700, BC8/1800, BC9/900, BC10/Secondary-800/800, BC12/800-PAMR/800, BC13/IMT-2000-Ext/2500, BC14/US-PCS/1900, BC15/AWS/1700up+2100dn, BC16/US-2500/2500, BC18/700-PS/700, BC19/700-Lower/700, BC20/L-Band/1600, BC21/S-Band/2000. PS=Public Safety. PAMR=Public Access Mobile Radio.
cdmaOne (2G) / IS-95 / CDMA-1 : BC0/800, BC1/PCS/1900.
2G/GSM : / ( EDGE-Evo / EDGE / GPRS ) : GSM/850, P/E/R/T-GSM/900, DCS/1800, PCS/1900.

Carrier 4G/LTE Band Number(Frequency)
AT&T Partial-B25(1900), Partial-B2(1900), B4/B66 (1700 abcde / 2100), Partial-B5(850), B12(L700), B17(L700), B30(2300), Partial-B29(L700)
Verizon Partial-B2(1900), Partial-B25(1900), B4/B66 (1700 f / 2100), Partial-B5(850), B13(U700 c)
T-Mobile Partial-B2(1900), Partial-B25(1900), B4/B66 (1700 def / 2100), B12(L700 a), B17(L700), B71(600), B5(850), B252(5200), B255(5700)
Sprint B27(800), B41(2500), Partial-B2/B25(1900 g)
US Cellular Partial-B5(850), B4/B66 (1700/2100), B12(L700 ab), B12(L700), B17(L700), Partial-B2(1900), Partial-B25(1900)
Europe B3(1800), B7(2600), B20(800)
China, India B40(2300), B41(2500)

Carrier Network 3G Band Number/Name(Frequency)
AT&T 3G GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ B2/PCS(1900), B5/CLR(850)
Verizon (3G) CDMA (CDMA2000) BC0/CLR(850), BC1/PCS(1900)
T-Mobile 3G GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ B2/PCS/(1900), B4/AWS(1700/2100)
Sprint (3G) CDMA (CDMA2000) B2/PCS(1900), B6(800), WiMAX(2500)
US Cellular (3G) CDMA (CDMA2000) BC0/CLR(850), BC1/PCS(1900)

Carrier Network 2G Band Name(Frequency)
AT&T 2G GSM discontinued CLR(850), PCS/1900
Verizon CDMA-1 CLR(850), PCS(1900)
T-Mobile 2G GSM PCS(1900)
Sprint CDMA-1 SMR(800), PCS(1900)
US Cellular CDMA-1 CLR(850), PCS(1900)
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