SIII Activation Issues

William PanzerWilliam Panzer Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
Ordered the phone at the beginning of June - received it mid July - disappointed but willing to give it a shot, but after 2 weeks of trying to contact someone to get the phone working I have yet to speak to a human, I contacted via email... response - call tech support - no one ever answers tech support. Tried via facebook... finally someone responded... asked for IMEI DEC # - I gave it to them - they tell me the phone cannot be activated b/c it is still active on Sprint.... THEY SOLD ME THIS PHONE ??? WTF - I want to return the phone but no one answers the phone to issue an RMA... Who can help me ????????


  • M.A. II LopezM.A. II Lopez Posts: 1,163FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    @William Panzer‌ I never have a problem calling customer support. If you call early enough you can get someone to respond fairly quick. Or rather than hang on and wait you can use the call-back feature which they tell you about several times on the recording while you are waiting on hold. Problem is no one pays attention to the recordings. I must give this advice several times a week a folks just fail to pay attention! I see one of our many admins have reached out to you now. Hopefully she can get you all set on your request. To bad you did not come here first. This is the place to get help!
    Thank you Vanessa for reaching out to him!!
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