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FreedomPop Phone Premier Data Rollover

Michael KautzmanMichael Kautzman Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I decided to pay for the service FreedomPop Phone Premier on a sim card, because what was included in the service met my needs well. Not all of my data rolled over. I had 1.1GB or 1.2GB at the end of the last billing cycle. This service includes data rollover which reads:
FreedomPop Data Rollover
Rollover your unused data and bank up to 20 GB for use anytime
  • Store up to 20GB of Rollover data
  • Avoid Pay-As-You-Go Data Usage
  • Share Rollover data with friends

The above is a simple, clear, and obvious statement of what you get when paying for this service with the only restriction being a maximum 20GB stored. Why didn't my unused data rollover as stated in the FreedomPop Phone Premier service?

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