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FreedomPop iOS: Calling & Texting Version 6.9

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FreedomPop has released version 6.9 for iOS Calling and Texting via Apple Store.

What was great about our previous release?
As always, enjoy free calling and texting with your FreedomPop number, compatible with FreedomPop SIM cards, smartphones, or any iOS 8.2 and above device connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi. The previous release included:

-Video support for MMS (Beta US Only)
-Voicemail and call history improvements

- Red notification icon showing up in text threads that have already been read.
- Getting a blank screen on newer model iPhones
- Inability to dial out to a contact in a group thread
- Not seeing message history when receiving a new message in existing thread.

What’s new in version iOS 6.9?
1. Ability to switch numbers on OTT.

1. changes to improve performance in text threads

- texting from recents crashes when clicking on the new thread
- lock screen speaker status mismatched w/ in app call speaker
- Proximity sensor disables voice

Want to make this app better? So do we! Help us by submitting any potential bugs or general feature requests by filling out this short FORM.

Having trouble with this app version? Leave a comment below so our community members can help, or visit support.freedompop.com.
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