Get 15 Gb of FREE online storage with OneDrive!

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What would you do with 15 Gb of FREE online storage? How about automatically saving your photos in the cloud? Or storing your music collection?

Sign up for a Windows Live account and get 15 Gb of free online storage! OneDrive lets you store your files in the cloud, and you can access them from pretty much anywhere: PCs, Macs, iPad, iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, even the Kindle Fire! A few of the advantages of OneDrive are:

* Access your files everywhere, no matter where you are.
* Share any document with only those you know and trust.
* Backup the photos in your mobile device automatically.
* Create, edit and share Office documents for free.
* Save Office documents from your PC directly to the cloud.

If you need additional storage, you can upgrade to a paid account: for as low as $1.99 per month, you get 100 Gb extra!

Sign up for your OneDrive account by clicking here.
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