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New here. Ordered a 1 yr (unlimited calls/texts 1gb data monthly) plan for $50 from buy (thats half of what I pay monthly to t-mobile) was not sure how it would work with google voice but figured it was worth a shot. Even when I first signed up with FP it didn't have the option to forward texts to my FP number. However I was working on a different GV setting today and noticed the option was now available. So folks that use both, you can now forward texts as well as calls from your (I think it wasn't recognized as a mobile number before? or something). Anyway. it totally works now for those who care :)


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    Hi, Can you please clarify exactly what settings you used to get both voice and text to work? I'm not having an issue with text but I can't get voice to work. Thanks
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    It should work
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