Global SIM returns error messages but works when setup data is manually entered

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I have an Alcatel One Touch PIXIE 3 (?). It used to be a lifeline phone with Tracfone and SmartTalk GSM SIM.
The IMEI reports the phone is unlocked. However, first error code:

"SIM disabled".
Second error:
"Device locked".

Nevertheless, the phone works with my Freedompop Global SIM provided I enter the setup data manually before using the phone. The setup info is not saved when I turn the phone off.

The following errors make me suspect that some files are corrupted that are essential for the setup.
SIM status software reports the phone as a CDMA phone. Incorrect, the phone is GSM.

As a result, I cannot add APN to the setup. The APN setup does not work and instead reports" this user cannot add APN server" or something to this effect.
A SIM checking tool reports the phone as locked and in need of a network pin to unlock. Nevertheless, it is working fine when setup is entered manually before every use.

Since I did a factory reset on the phone, I presume that some of the files are corrupted.
How can I restore the phone operating system to its original condition, please?

To add insult to injury and to complicate life even more, please note that I have a CDMA phone (Samsung) working on an active Freedompop account (562 508 4513). Support has consistently mixed up the CDMA phone with my other two phones that are both GSM phones. All phones are active phones on Freedompop.
Please also note that even the phones that are in working order most of the time do not ring when a call is coming in. Strange, isn't it?

Finally, since my Samsung is an old phone and many apps do not work on it any longer, I decided to drop the phone and cancel its Freedompop account. However, I want to port the number to one of my other phones on Freedompop.

I am getting quite frustrated with the situation and the haphazard support from Freedompop.

Please help me with this convoluted situation and thank you in advance for any input.
Peter J.
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    Thank you for the constructive response.
    The SIM is still in good standing. FP support just transferred my CDMW number to the SIM. My second number/SIM is working - except I can hardly ever hear it ringing.

    PM me, please, so that I can give you the SIM number. I think it should not be public in the forum. However, the last digits are 40371 if that helps you.

    At this time, I cannot set up a new APN at all because the phone claims to be a CDMA phone. It is not. However, it may be network locked despite information to the contrary.

    I am using APN on the working phone. I also tried the alternative APN freedompop.fogg(something).com. It does not work.

    I also have too many phone numbers/accounts with FP. Most of the time I cannot log in at all even if I change the password.

    Therefore, please pm me.
    Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Peter J.
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    Clarification to my previous:
    APN is set to
    It is working.

    I also have installed the alternative:
    Does not work.

    Meanwhile, support has transferred my old FP number 562 ... 4513 to the SIM ending in 40371.

    That SIM is in an Alcatel phone that used to be a LifeLine (with Tracfone or Net10). I am now also convinced that the phone is still network locked.
    Called Net10 re unlocking. They have a long list of conditions to meet before they unlock.
    I know a way around it: Root the phone first, then install ROM and other software from scratch. I have the files/image and could do it. I did a similsr thing on a laptop and my other desktop.

    But maybe it is a better idea just to get a phone from FP instead.
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    Yes, I understand. However, Net10/Tracfone have a very restrictive unlocking policy. This phone was not active on New10, Tracfone or any of their affiliates long enough to qualify.

    I am considering to root the phone and then flash the ROM and replace it with the original factory ROM for an Alcatel OT PIXI 3-4.5. I have the files needed. Now I just need the time to do the work.
    Now that Net10 has taken an uncompromising position, I will make it a point to defeat their network lock just for the heck of it.

    By the way, the phone does indeed work as long as I go through the phone setup BEFORE I use it. It does not save the data and setup entered.
    I wonder how that can be and, further, why the phone reports itself as a CDMA phone if it clearly is a GSM phone.
    I used to have or still have a CDMA phone with Freedompop. It is a Samsung Galaxy Victory with an old OS that cannot run many of the new apps for smartphones.

    Any comment or information is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again.
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    I am working on it. But it looks like none of the common methods of rooting and flashing ROM work on this phone at this time. Going to the old carrier does not either because the phone was not in use long enough.
    I may just get another one. Until then I will keep it dormant to preserve the number.

    Maybe you can tell me how to handle my other GSM phone. It is an almost identical model and works on FP. Unlocked. However, before I can make a phone call I need to sync the phone with the messenger or Sprint will refuse to connect.

    It is a nuisance and a loss of time having to do this every time. I already did whatever support asked me to do. No change. The setup of the phone takes and is saved.
    I can also call the phone from the 'locked' phone and it rings. However, when called from a landline I do not get a ring tome. But the incoming call is shown as a missed call.

    Strange, isn't it? How can this fixed?

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    Yes, I am able to do the factory reset. And have done it several times already, even wiping the cache. The phone resets to factory all right.
    However, it still believes to be a CDMA phone and does not let me add an APN.

    Meanwhile, the issue has shifted s little. Yesterday the battery on my working GSM phone mysteriously died. I am now using the battery from the non-working GSM phone. And I have had support move the number from my CDMA phone to one of the GSM phones and cancel the account for the CDMA phone.
    Sounds confusing? It is.

    Nevertheless, I bought another and better Alcatel GSM phone that is unlocked. I will use the SIM for the locked phone in the new phone and upgrade one of my FP accounts.
    Thereafter, I will concentrate on writing articles and making money instead of playing with cell phones.
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