Port out processing seems stuck...

babsinc1babsinc1 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Hello - My port it seems half-way done. I can make calls, but not receive them and my voicemail is still with FreedomPop. Please get a PM to follow-up and notify me when the full port-out will be completed.

This is what I see on my account since last Friday. (Almost 72-hours ago)
Phone Number Port Out Information
You will need to provide the following validation information to your new carrier in order to initiate the port out process.
Select the Pencil icon and provide a new value to update your pin.
Note: [05/04/2018 19:29:04] valid request for port-out.

Account Number 1561389xxxx
Pin 2272
Subscriber Name
Phone Number 1561389xxxx
Zip Code


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