Outgoing calls and texts are not working unless there is WiFi

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Is the problem with this that Mobile Data must be ON all the time? This would explain why the toggle is not easy to access on my Tribute 2. :smile: Hope this can save someone else the trouble if they’re trying to save data like I was.

Also, if you’re having this problem, make sure you go to the FreedomPop messaging app, click on the 3 lines on the upper left, click “sync account”.

One more thing - if you do a carrier reset ( Enter ##72786# ), do not tap the call icon, just wait and my LG Tribute 2 will go by itself, do some stuff, and reboot twice. I was too quick to click things :wink:
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    Yep, just confirmed with CS that data must be on all the time. Not sure how much data this uses from the allotment. I think texts and calls count separately.
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