If your smart you will run!

Jessica WardJessica Ward Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I signed up for the plan with 2gb and they gave me a extra 5gb. Less then a week it's all gone! We never even used it,then when I tell them I want a refund and cancel my account,they say they are happy to close my account but can not issue me a refund ! Really cuz we never used that data so where did it go? These ppl are really something and if your smart you will run away cuz they steal data and swear u used it!😠 Never again and I won't stop till I get my refund. If I would have used the data I would understand and wouldn't mind at all,but when I never even gotta use 7gb and they say I have noway. That's not right to take advantage of ppl!


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