Can I BYOD / swap my hotspot services to new device

Ashley JordanAshley Jordan Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I hope this is the correct forum to start this process - it’s a.little complicated.

I have FreedomPop hotspot service with the netgear aircard 778s. And I love it. Or loved it. Unfortunately the battery stopped charging, and now it doesn’t even boot properly 90% of the time. It didn’t matter as I had another internet service until recently.

I do, however, have in the house a Sprint Spark capable branded netgear lte gateway 6100D - 1SNNAS.

1. Can I use the 6100 with my FreedomPop account?

NOTE:I’ve tried to use the online check (on a phone) and it just goes to my.freedompop homepage

Do I call for authorization? Do I get a new sim? Or just make it a new BYOD hotspot account?


2. Do I have to get a new hotspot?

Thanks for taking the time to read through this complication!


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