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Finally got my phone yesterday after a month and a problem accept that used up
the free month of service, 1 gb data. Called yesterday to find out if they could help get it activated because it wasn't working. Long story short......still waiting, trying to get it activated, had someone helping me but mysteriously got cut off. Now been on hold 28 min. and to top it off they just took next months fee out today and I still don't have a working phone.


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    @verne‌ We're sorry to hear all that, Verne! I have refunded the $10.99 charge for your Unlimited Voice, and I have submitted a request to extend your trial until September 1st. Please allow 3-5 days for the refunded amount to be reflected in your bank statement. Additionally, please ensure that you downgrade yourself back down to your desired plan before this date, otherwise you will remain on the paid plan and you will be charged again. I can see that you have also been granted 500MBs of data to make up for the additional 500MBs of Bonus Data that you missed out on. Are you still having problems using your phone?
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