Can only call/message over wifi. No mobile data [after Upgrade to android 8.1]

wkwk Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
In 2017 I got the sim card (iccid: 89011704278110316629) on my own android device and mobile data worked fine. I could call without wifi. Between 12/2017 to 04/2018, my service was deactivated due to unuse. Last week, I upgraded my phone to android 8.1(lineage os) and setup the APN as before, install freedom app with re-activated service in the new cycle. Also I got a new phone number. But now, I can only call with wifi. Without wifi, the freedomPop messager app 'shows no internet connection'. I checked that my mobile data is on, even it still shows 'no data', and the APN was set as suggested: FreedomPop(

Is that because of upgraded os with flashed ROM (lineage os)? How to get mobile data/connection for calling (mine is on Basic plan)?




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