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Week-Long Port Out

SClarkSClark Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I started the port-out process last week 5/31 for one of my FreedomPop numbers. The new carrier submitted a port out request twice on 6/1/18. They sent an email 6/4/18 (at which point my port out status finally updated to "Processing". Now, (6/6/18) two days later, there is still no update. On 6/1 the new carrier said the company porting the number out should respond withing 4 hours. Seems like the port-out process is low on metaphorical oil.

Ticket 180531-001736 was escalated 6/4, but there has been no action for two days. Could someone help with this port out request that seems to have slipped through the cracks?


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