5GB Semi-Annual Plan and Premier Semi-Annual Service not available

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I just switched to FreedomPop yesterday from T-Mobile. I have had the Basic LTE 200 account for a few months. However, now that I have ported over and want to upgrade I don’t see the option to sign up for the
Premium LTE 5GB Semi-Annual plan and FreedomPop Phone Premier Semi-Annual service.

I moved because my fiancé had this plan and service and recommended this to me. How should I go about signing up for this semi-annual plan and services? My current available plans are shown as image files and the plans I want to sign up for are also attached as image files from my fiance’s account. Please help me. I need my phone for my work.

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  • Nidhi ShahNidhi Shah Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you for your response. If I order a new SIM under the semi-annual plan (looks like that is an option) will my current number (under Basic LTE) be able to be ported over to the new SIM card? I do not mind paying extra for a SIM card with the semi-annual plan but want to ensure that my number stays the same.
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    Yes, FreedomPop does number swaps between two accounts of a customer, frequently. No charge for that 'service' also.
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