Someone Else's Usage on My Account

cfirecrackercfirecracker Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I noticed odd usage on my account last week, to the point that my free 500MB got used up way too quickly. Sure enough, my usage data shows times when I was not using data. As a verification, I turned my iPhone 4s on airplane mode since 10pm Wed 7/30, and have continued to see data usage against my account.

Since I was auto-topped up $10 unnecessarily, please refund the $10 to my CC and add back at least 200MB to the 500MB. The account email is ea.p.resto at g mail (com). Also, is there anything I can do to avoid invalid usage being counted toward my account in the future?

Thanks for the help.


  • cfirecrackercfirecracker Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
    Huh. Dumb me. Turns out I had swapped iPhones with my wife since one had a crack on the back (which I don't mind). So the usage is probably mine, but I forgot it was linked to her email / logon. I'll try my phone in airplane mode just to verify...
  • @cfirecracker‌ Uh oh! Well, I'm glad you were able to easily resolve this issue. After you have tested this, please update me so that I can know if we need to look in to this further. Thank you!
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