Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

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As you may already know that Sprint is buying T-Mobile but they announced even if the sale fails they already have put together a roaming agreement for Sprint customers to roam on T-Mobile network when Sprint isn't available.

So, the question is...If we have a compatible phone or tablet can FreedomPop Sprint customers roam on T-Mobile or does FreedomPop block this access? I would prefer solid answers.


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    @fantastic - I don't work for either company (FreedomPop, Sprint, or T-Mobile) so I can't give an official statement. From my understanding, however, T-Mobile seems to have bought out Sprint. The company will be named "The New T-Mobile."
    At this time, I'm pretty sure that T-Mobile/Sprint don't offer this roaming contract to their MVNO's (such as FreedomPop). Even if so, many devices would need to have a compatible GSM antenna to use T-Mobile's frequencies.
    It's also not that FreedomPop would "block" this roaming, but they don't seem to have been offered it.
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