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Android v4.0.3 Phone (HTC Evo 3D PG86100) Needs What Version Of FP Messaging App ?

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HTC Evo 3D PG86100 phone with Android v4.0.3 works with or needs what version of FreedomPop(FP) Messaging app ?

in a HTC Evo 3D phone, the FP Messaging app was working, BUT it was receiving over 200 SPAM CALLS each day !!! and i also noticed other problems/crashing started to occur on other apps, etc, So i reset the phone, & Now i see Google PlayStore does not have a FP-Messaging app anymore for the Android v4.0.3 ! :(

Learned, i should have backup at-least the FP-Meesaging APK file/installer before the reset of HTC Evo 3D (Android v4.0.3).

Users, who are still using Android v4.0.3 (or HTC Evo 3D), PLEASE help & let me know (and let forum users know), which exact or which last version (of FP Messaging app) will work on the Android v4.0.3 ?
(and if you know/have the exact MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hash/checksum code+size of that APK file, post that too, then that would be even more great).

Thanks in advance.
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    Please add a feature/option to SEND+VIEW+REPLY TEXT/SMS messages from HTTPS : / / My.FreedomPop.Com WEBSITE.

    This would HELP & allow users to send+view+reply TEXT/SMS messages for those accounts, which cannot install/use your FP-Messaging app, because, either an older FP-Messaging app for an older Android version is not available, or, an older FP-Messaging app (with authentic APK installer file) is hard to find & install.

    Such feature will also reduce the security issues/risks of using any older FP-Messaging app, in any older version of Android.

    FP MESSAGING APP IS ALREADY ABUSED/HACKED by harmful/unethical hackers, to send SPAM calls, and to collect other private-data from phone, So a secure-webpage based TEXT/SMS send/view feature can reduce FP-Messaging app usage & can also reduce abuse of bad hackers.

    FP-Messaging (VoIP) APP and FP My.FreedomPop.Com WEBSITE (Control-Panel), should use TWO DIFFERENT PASSWORDS.
    If FP is using encrypted (TLS/SRTP/etc) VoIP/SIP, then password can be same, but still two separate passwords is much better + more secure, than a single password based protection.

    Creating/adding the feature of sending/replying Text/SMS message from a website's webpage should be a very easy task for FP devs. And displaying the received Text/SMS can be done by a very simple HTML dev.

    And if you can add a HTML5 (or similar) based VoIP/SIP PHONE CALL MAKING/RECEIVING (When user is logged-in/signed-in) from secure HTTPS : / / My.FreedomPop.com website/webpage, then that would be even better, but your web-devs need to do research & find an easier+secure solution that can work from Android Chrome or Internet MOBILE web-browser.

    FreedomPop(FP) Messaging APP's (Msg-app) ACCESS SHOULD BE RESTRICTED, So that FP-Msg APP/services can only be used (by it's authentic registered owner/user), when APP is connecting with FP VoIP/SIP SERVERS from the FP/Sprint/AT&T assigned/allotted IP-Address for that specific user's FP-device (SIM or Phone) . If a FP-Msg App is attempting to connect from a different IP-Address, than the IP-adrs what was assigned/allotted for that user's FP-device, then such access should be denied. These type of security measure will reduce FP account abuse/usage by external/3rd-party bad hackers. Then such VoIP/SIP service is PHYSICAL-device-specific, not a VIRTUAL (any-device) service.

    Each user's FreedomPop(FP) device (SIM or Phone) ACCOUNT's website (the HTTPS : / / My.FreedomPop.com ) should be accessible by registered-user from any IP-address , but Sending/Replying/Viewing any Text/SMS Message (or viewing of any Billing-info, etc) functionality/service should be available only when registered-user has signed-in/login/connected using the IP-address which is allotted/assigned by FP/Sprint/AT&T for that registered-user's FP-device (SIM or Phone) . This type of security measure makes sure, FP/Sprint/AT&T sensitive-services are only used by authentic user from authentic PHYSICAL devices, generally. Unless user or harmful-hacker is using some type of IP-traffic proxy/route to use service from other VIRTUAL/any device.

    By the way, the FreedomPop Mesaging app must not use android-PERMISSION like this : APP & LOG HISTORY & USAGE DATA, etc, etc as those are very PRIVATE data for each user, Collecting such data by using such PERMISSION is a VIOLATION of PRIVACY-RIGHTS, etc, and very risky app-behavior. There are many many VoIP apps like FreedomPop-Messaging, & they are not using such android-permission.

    And also allow user to choose+decide whether USER WANT the FP-Messaging app to access/use Android's/Google's Contacts-List/People-List/PhoneBook/AddressBook, etc OR NOT . App can+should run by itself by using/keeping its own+separate Contact/People-List, in that way this type of app does not need to access those(Android/Google) contact-list. And, if needed by a User, then users themselves can copy-paste/add a specific contact/people from/into the FP-Messaging app, anytime they want to.

    And, please show the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hash/checksum CODE + filesize for each VERSION of your FP MESSAGING APP, in a HTTPS webpage in your own (FP-support)-website, and please also show (in same row) which minimum Android-version it will work on. So that users with older phones (which is a valid condition for most FP users) can search+find+use necessary authentic files.

    Do something which can+will reduce the chance/risk of abusive usage (or data-collection), by harmful/unethical/unwanted hackers/users/abusers.

    Thanks in advance.
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