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Cannot get on 4G

I am a relatively new customer and have the free 4G plan with the MiFi 4082 hotspot. I have been trying to get connected on 4G for a couple months now and have not been able to. I have tried it in a number of locations and it will connect on 4G for a couple seconds and then go back to 4G. Has anybody else seen this? I suspect the hotspot is defective.


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    Coverage area for 4g WiMax is not that great, you will need to get a 4g/3g plan for 3g fall back. I have MiFi 4082 and the only area I was able to get 4g is along Hwy 72 in Madison, but here in hunstville is 3g only in most areas. At home I can only get 3g.
    I sure it be because of coverage in 4g.
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