Clarification on whether ATT or Sprint in 72802

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I checked coverage map but it didn't indicate which provider is used. Per Whistleout if ATT is used it is VOIP not mobile digital, but if Sprint is used it's CDMA digital. I'm concerned about voice not data for a hearing impaired person. VOIP has been problematic for amplified and tone adjusted services where mobile calls (haven't tested specifically on Sprint) work. Before I sign up a person to another service how can I find out a) sprint or att b) can I force to sprint only by the phone I purchase c) if att only is it voip only or is whistle info incorrect? Thanks.


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    Hi @EmmaSurf
    That's actually a pretty good question. I looked up the coverage in that area, and it seems that the GSM service (AT&T) will better suit you, especially since it seems that area is only covered – if covered at all– with CDMA's (Sprint's) 3G, not 4G LTE.
    To view for yourself,
    - The CDMA coverage can be found at
    - The GSM coverage can be found at (Click "Data")

    Both FreedomPop GSM and CDMA are both VoIP for calling and texting and use Data or WiFi to place the calls. The CDMA service does have a Premium Voice optional paid add-on, however, which will allow you to place calls over cellular. Unfortunately, it will only be worthwhile if you have Sprint in your area. You can make both work over WiFi as well. All calls and texts (VoIP) go through the FreedomPop Messaging app.

    I'm not quite sure I understood the last part of the question, but if you're looking to bring your own device:
    - You can bring your own GSM AT&T or Unlocked device by purchasing a SIM-Card at
    - You can bring your own eligible CDMA device (a Released Sprint, Boost, or Virgin Mobile) device for a small activation fee at

    If you have CDMA service, the device will not receive GSM service, and vice versa.
    I usually respond within 24 hours. If you need help, feel free to ask.

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