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This is to thank Alejandra and Rich who both gave helpful replies to my now-closed first question. (Sorry it took a while to get back. I didn't know it would be closed so quickly.) This is my first smartphone ever, so I'm still learning a lot about it (and about my FP account and also this community.) I really wish that *every* app icon were clearly identified; they are not. For a true newbie, unidentified icons are *not* user-friendly. I have now learned which one is the FP "Messaging" app versus the other one called "Messages" that's right next to it. I also now know that the green, otherwise unidentified "Phone" app is *not* the one to use, even though it's right there on the home page! I know to use the "Contacts" app instead. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Enhanced that I bought directly from FP. I'm currently using the basic, free plan -- successfully, as far as I can tell so far. It's still hard to believe that it's free. I didn't know what "Mobile Data" is, but now I think I know when I need to use it. It took me three *years* of trying to make sense of FP advertising to finally decide to try it. For people who have never had a smartphone, the ads are almost meaningless. Of course I'm a late-adopter, so I was one of a diminishing number who had never owned a smartphone. Thank you again, Alejandra and Rich.


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    I'm still having the problem of not being able to make local calls here within my area code because the phone inserts a "1" making it attempt to make a long-distance call instead of a local call. I have not been able to determine why it's inserting the "1", much less how to make it stop doing that. (This is the "other" phone. I just submitted a question about its twin, which tonight has turned up without a phone number. It lost its phone number. But that's in the other message that I submitted.)
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    @Edward Cannon - I have a Samsung Victory (an older one similar to the S2).
    When you start to dial, I press the "settings" button below my screen and settings menu pops up. I choose "settings" from the choices offered.
    I scroll down to "other call settings" below. Section says: "US Dialing" [ ] Try changing the check mark on or off the other way and testing if calling locally works better. Then try a 'long distance' number to see if it still can work, too. Your S6 may be similar enough to find this option setting.
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    Let's close this one. Whatever I was doing wrong before, it's working now. I have no idea what I did or did not do in the beginning to make it not work nor to change it so that it's working now. For the record, it's a Samsung Galaxy S4 Enhanced (that's "S4"). I'm not aware of any SIM card. I bought the phone directly from FP, and I'm not even aware of it having a SIM card. I just opened the box and activated the phone, and that was all. I don't know how it ever could have had anything to do with the UK at any point. Thank you everyone for replying.
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    Maybe? I didn't do anything that I know of, but it's working now. I just found that "US dialing" checkbox, which is checked. Whatever was going wrong in previous months appears to have straightened itself out magically. Thank you for your reply.
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